Performance ++

i. Old Blue Throat
ii. experiments in the betrothed body-
        a cut-up performance
iii. The Birth of the Saint

Text ++

i. the thread is made of flesh
ii. Kala Pani
iii. Stoned Deity
iv. Moon Lolo/Sun Fish

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i. bio
ii. media

Neptune: a dream research archive ++
The Two-Headed Bird ++
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photo credit: Alice Dickins



Manisha Anjali works with text and performance. Her practice and research explores narratives and languages of dreams and exile.

Manisha is the author of Sugar Kane Woman, a collection of poems about the dreams and hallucinations of exiled Indo-Fijian women. 

She has been a Hot Desk Fellow at The Wheeler Centre, an Emerging Cultural Leader at Footscray Community Arts Centre and a Writer in Residence at Incendium Radical Library. Manisha is currently the Poetry Editor at The Lifted Brow.

In partnership with Free Association and Schoolhouse Studios, Manisha taught a series of creative writing workshops called The Two-Headed Bird: A Surrealist Writing Workshop. She has taught workshops at Incendium Radical Library and Footscray Community Arts Centre.

Manisha has been published in Peril Magazine, Seizure, Blackmail Press, Lor Journal, Flapperhouse, IKA Journal and Tell Me Like You Mean It Vol 3[forthcoming].

She has performed at Melbourne Writers Festival, Queensland Poetry Festival, Emerging Writers Festival, West Writers Forum, Bendigo Writers Festival and Newstead Short Story Tattoo.